Do you have an online shop?
We consider that the best experience that we can offer is a personal discussion with the chocolatiers who can advise you on your personal choices, your taste and the event you are celebrating.

Do you make all of the chocolates?
Yes we make all of our chocolates creations  by hand using only the highest quality ingredients. We have two chocolatiers, John Zito, Eve Lin and an apprentice in training. We produce our chocolates at two locations. Our first production and retail outlet  is located at 2915 Channel Highway Kettering. We opened our second shop on February 09 2017 at 1 Murray Street Pier, 50  meters walk to the iconic Historic Salamanca in Hobart.

What is the darkest chocolate you make?
The majority of our Dark Chocolate uses a 55% Couverture. We also carry a range of 70.5% and 100% for those who have prefer a darker chocolate with less sugar.

Do you make chocolates which are vegan, lactose and gluten free?
Yes we have a range of chocolates available to suit all discerning tastes.

How are your chocolates made?
Our chocolates are all hand made by qualified chocolatiers using couverture chocolate from Belgium. We source and use only the highest quality ingredients.

Which is the best chocolate or best seller?
This really depends on what are your tastes and requirements are. Our range is continually evolving with new sensations added weekly. However we are known world wide for our award winning nougat (torrone ) made with 60% nut 30% pure Tasmanian honey, farm Fresh egg white, and the smallest amount of Sugar and glucose. Our other best selling hazelnut cream is made with only four key ingredients, hazelnuts, sugar, chocolate and small pieces of our hand made nougat.

Do you ship interstate and overseas?
Yes we ship using Australia Post overnight express to every state of Australia
Large  postal pack and wrapping costs $20.00 + Cost of Chocolates.
Extra Large  postal pack and wrapping costs $30.00 + Cost of Chocolates.
Overseas shipping costs are dependant on the country and type of service selected.

Which is the best way to store our chocolates?
Chocolates should be stored at a temperature of no greater than 22C. It is not recommended that chocolates are refrigerated. Of course if you live in a very warm climate it may be necessary to do this, however this will cause the chocolate to turn white.

How long will your chocolates last?
Our chocolates have a six month shelf life. We do however recommend that they are eaten fresh to fully appreciate the tantalising flavours. Creme brûlée is one Chocolate which should be eaten within three weeks as it is made using the traditional ingredients.

Do you have selection already prepared?
Yes we offer boxes of 8 which are available in Creams, Nut lovers, liquore and the Chocolatiers Selection.

What size boxes are available? 
We offer boxes of 4, 6, 8, 16, 24 and the largest which is 36. These can be filled with your own personal selection.

Do you make chocolates for special events?
Yes we are able to design and make chocolates for your engagement, wedding or that special event you are celebrating. We have made chocolates for Tasmanian Whisky week in collaboration with Redlands Estate. We design and make for Port Arthur Lavender, Tas Saffron and also for a ginseng grower.

Can you advise me on  my selection?
Yes we are able to assist you on making the perfect selection wether that be for a celebration, a special gift or enjoying a new creation.

Which is the best way to eat a chocolate? 
All chocolates should be bitten in half, by doing this you will be able to see the complexity of the chocolate and the layers . The exception to this are the liquore truffle balls which should be eaten whole with biting in half.

How can I place and pay for my order?
After you have spoken with us about your requirements we are able to accept payment over the phone using your credit card. You may also wish to contact us using Facebook messenger, or by email (nutpatchtasmania@gmail.com)

Do you have any special chocolates for children?
We have a larger range of chocolates available starting from small lollipops , building block, chocolate animals, dinosaurs, frogs, to the pignatta pig, ( which can be filled with any of your selection of lollies, jelly beans, snakes, etc to celebrate that special event).

Do you make special chocolates for Easter and Christmas?
Yes we make a very large range of chocolates to celebrate these two events, from small Easter eggs, Bunnies, to our largest egg which weighs over 30kg. We have a very large range of Easter eggs filled with Limoncello Cream, Peppermint, Rum and Raisin etc. Christmas is a magic time in the shop with hundreds of products available ranging fro the small chocolate Christmas tags,  Santa in all shapes and sizes along with beautiful hand made Chocolate Christmas trees and our stunning Christmas baubles.

Do you have any chocolate for Mothers Day?
Yes we ave a range of stunning designs  from the small stiletto, to designer handbags delicately made and finished in a range of designer colours.

Do you have anything for Fathers Day?
Yes we have a selected range starting from a watch, two designs of motor bikes and of course for the soccer, golfing and tennis and car enthusiast.